Monday, 15 December 2014

Hello, brave new primary school educational world...

Educating the children of tomorrow

It is only when you bring children into the world that you develop instincts and preferences that we never really knew mattered to us before. Suddenly we are forced to think about nutrition, manners, communication, morality and lifestyle in a way that all boils down to one single consideration - what is best for my child? And whatever answer you land on usually greatly depends on the biggest question a parent will have to face... What do you really want from your child's education?

My name is Tim Al-Hady. I am a proud father of four, and that is why I wanted to do something to secure the very best education for my children that our wonderful world of technological advances has to offer. In fact, after achieving a satisfying career for myself with Microsoft, if you had spoken to me five years ago then there is very little chance that I would have foreseen my career detour into an educational technology company. But once you have witnessed a dinosaur appear in the palm of your hand and watched a classroom of children stand gobsmacked in front of a mathematical educational module - then it's very hard not to feel like a bit of a convert.

Engaging learning

Please allow me to introduce you to the worlds first augmented reality computer software that allows primary school children to watch as 3D virtual images of the human anatomy pump, flow and beat as if they are really there, suspended in the classroom with them... It's not very often that you get to sit in a room full of around twenty pupils of no more than five and be able to hear a pin drop.

As a parent or teacher the real trick of broadening your child's horizons and helping them reach their best potential is always getting them to enjoy your help in the process. But this is definitely an exciting and attention grabbing way of learning that is one step forwards from sitting a class in front of an educational video.

It all started with a Kiwi

It all started in our creator Eric Wood's hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand. Eric and a few of his close university friends decided to attempt the impossible - to shrink the gap between child education and play time for good. And so they set about developing Imaginality Learning's unique augmented reality module system, to achieve their goal to challenge young minds without constraining their imaginations. As it turned out, he ended up pioneering a learning tool that the New Zealand educational system were delighted to incorporate into their schools.

We found that the most common report from New Zealand teachers who incorporated Imaginality Learning into their lesson plans, was a marked increase in pupil engagement within the classroom. Teachers' greatest challenges have always surrounded the necessities of settling a new pupil into the group, finding time to help each unique child to progress and blossom, and in boosting self-esteem and concentration throughout the learning process. Their response was more than Eric and his friends could have hoped for... unanimous praise from teachers in all of these concerns.

Learn Happy

With more freedom for teachers to devote their attention to the unique learning styles of every child, and with the more naturally academically-minded pupils at liberty to proceed to the next level of each Imaginality Learning module; it seems that augmented reality is one technology which is set to excite harmony and positivity within the children of tomorrow.

I hope you will join me on this weekly blog post as we set out on our mission to enhance primary school education to the very peaks of its potential. I aim to celebrate the highs of Great British education and to discuss ways of re-approaching the predicaments or current obstacles within that same system. Basically I want to ask the hard questions and to find answers which will genuinely speak to your children and mine.

See you next week and remember to #LearnHappy!